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About Me
Hello! I’m Vasanth Srikumar Varada

Sales & Business Development professional nearing two decades of work experience. I am flexible, disciplined, rational, non-influential, less prejudiced, open, positive human who is honest and simple. Strongly believe in my ‘Karma’ and do not carry ‘Self-Righteousness’ in life. Have genuine interest to talk to people around & listen to them. Truly uphold the values in life.Thrive constantly on three core values viz, Integrity, Independence, Identity. A bit of meditation every day keep my mind stay calm. Daily introspection have helped me to live life with less baggage. Seek for continuous learning, anything on people behaviour fascinates me. Believe I can work without compromise both at solitary & in group. Live with gratitude, for all the good & bad that happened in life.

Am an individual who do not live in the perception of others nor take out time correcting those. Liberal in my religious views. Being a perfectionist, at times procrastination creeps in, gets uncomfortable not meeting deadlines, gets impatient dealing with drive-less & negative people. Strongly believe my purpose in life to give back to society in my own way.To sum up, I see myself as an individual wired for compassion, educationally responsible and socially committed.


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